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Criminal Defense

When you’re accused of a crime, you’re facing the full weight of the government. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, lab technicians, investigators, and more will all be working to make sure you’re convicted. You need an experienced attorney by your side to defend you and level the playing field!

If you’re innocent, I’ll fight fiercely to make the judge or jury see that the government put the wrong person on trial. If you made a mistake, I’ll work to get you a fair plea deal or sentence that doesn’t just treat you like another criminal. If you have already been convicted, I’ll guide you through the tricky process of appealing. Whatever your criminal defense needs, I’ll be there for you.

Asset Seizure Defense

Law enforcement agencies routinely seize cash, vehicles—even houses!—if they believe the property has some connection to a crime. Often, these “civil forfeiture” seizures are done strategically to make it harder for persons to fight criminal charges. Civil forfeiture seizures have been challenged and ruled against in numerous courts, including the United States Supreme Court. No matter what you are accused of doing, the government should not be able to able to just ignore your constitutional property rights!

If law enforcement agencies are trying to take your property, protect your rights and fight back. Don’t wait either, as civil asset forfeiture cases have strict deadlines. Call me today so that we can get your property back.




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