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My philosophy about clients

I am a big believer in only taking on the cases that matter. I want to use the limited time I have to win fights I am passionate about. If you believe you are suffering from an injustice, please contact me. I will always try to give an honest opinion about the probable outcome for your case, and why I can or cannot take it.

Depending on the type of case, I offer an hourly rate or flat fees for smaller cases presenting easier problems for me to solve. All court costs and expenses for things such as expert witness fees must be paid by you, the client. I will outline our likely litigation budget before I accept your case, and let you know if unforeseen twists and turns cause changes.

If you agree to pay me an hourly rate, I bill at $200 an hour. I bill in 1/10th hour increments (6 minutes), and round up to the nearest 1/10th hour. (This is standard practice across the legal profession.) A retainer worth at least 20 hours ($4,000) must be deposited with me up front. The retainer will be placed in a special kind of bank account called an IOLTA, and I will only withdraw my pay from the IOLTA after I have performed the work, sent you an invoice, and given you an opportunity to contest it. The unearned portions of your retainer will be returned to you at the conclusion of your case.

My reputation matters more to me than money. I would rather have the trust of repeat clients than slightly larger paychecks from clients who would never hire me again.


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